Monday, March 17, 2008


Today is the first "official" day of the girls 2 week spring intersession and so far it isn't fun. I totally lost my voice on Saturday night. I have had this nagging dry cough for like 2 weeks from allergies. The VOG has been so thick here lately and it's been hanging around for weeks. I have never completely lost my voice and it is SO annoying! My kids can't hear me. They keep shouting MOM! and I am answering them a million times, but they can't hear me. I would scream out of frustration except that I can't. GRRR! Asia has been the worst. The 2 older ones get that I can't talk, but she just keeps whining and calling for me from upstairs or the other room and can't hear me answering her so just keeps getting louder and whinier.
Will is in class all day. He left at 4:30 this morning and class isn't out until 4:50 and then takes over an hour to get home. UGH!

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