Monday, March 31, 2008

a rough night

Last night around 9:45, I was feeling super hungry and the only thing that really sounded good was the leftover green salad in the fridge. After I ate it, I took my prenatal vitamins and I took 2 Tylenol because my right arm had been aching off and on all day.

During the 10 o'clock news, I started feeling achy and nauseated. I decided to go to bed, but I could not lay down because it just kept rising in my chest and throat. Finally, I propped up on several pillows and fell asleep.

Around 1 am, I woke up with one of my frequent night time dry coughing spells and came downstairs to get a drink. I ate a piece of wheat bread which usually helps to settle the tickle in my throat. I was down here for about 15 minutes and decided that the water and bread were not helping, so I took a cough medicine tablet. I laid back down, but about 10 minutes later, Mariah came into the room and said she had a scary dream. So I held her and rubbed her back for about 5 minutes and then helped her back to bed. At about 1:45, I started coughing again and couldn't stop, so I came back down to get another drink. Before I could get one, though, I started throwing up frustrated GRR! I HATE throwing up. I never throw up in my pregnancies. I was up for another 1/2 hour and then finally went back to bed and slept.

Now I get to go and baby-sit at YOGA. oh joy.....

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