Saturday, July 4, 2009

On the STRIP!

We thought about taking the kids to Hoover Dam today, but decided that none of us were up for an hour's drive in the car, so we decided to take them to the strip to M&M World. We parked in the MGM Hotel parking garage and decided to wander around that hotel for a bit, just to show them what a casino is like. They weren't too thrilled with it until we got to the live lion exhibit they have. We got there just as they were getting ready to feed them. A guy walks around with raw hamburger and throws chunks of it onto the windows and the lions eat it right off, showing people their enormous teeth and mouths. I tried to get a shot of one right in front of Asia, but my blackberry camera was too slow and I just missed it eating the hamburger, but here's a shot of it's body and the back of her head.

If you look closely, you can see the smear on the
window where it licked the meat off.

Then we went to M&M World, which is basically next door to MGM. That place is WILD! There is so much M&M stuff there. The girls' heads were spinning trying to see everything. We had given them each $10 of their own money and told them they could buy whatever they wanted.

There were 4 levels to this place. One level had this wall at the back that had every color of the rainbow you could imagine! The girls wanted to buy some really bad, but they were seriously SO expensive. We were standing there looking at them all and I look down and Asia is eating the M&M's off the floor that people had dropped while dispensing them out. LOL! EEW!

There was a movie thing-y that we could have watched, but the line was really long and we would've had to wait about 40 minutes. The girls were already starting to get restless, so we decided to move on.

Mariah was the only one that ended up buying anything. She chose a steel M&M water bottle. All Asia wanted to buy was Skittles. I'm like, we are in the M.and.M. Factory. You are not getting skittles for a million dollars. I will take you to the corner store and let you buy some for .50 cents. Then I bought them each an M&M ice cream treat, which was SO DELISH!!! Oh yeah, they each ended up squishing a penny in the little penny machine. They thought that was pretty cool.

a candy store at MGM

After we left there, we were pretty well spent. We headed back to the car and went to In N Out for lunch. That place was INSANE. There were so many people there that it was standing room only, inside and outside. We were standing in a corner waiting for our order when this really nice couple came over to me and asked if we wanted their table after they cleared it off. I was so glad. The food was SO good, but I felt like I needed to go straight home and exercise. LOL!

The girls are really looking forward to fireworks tonight. It's going to be another late night and so I'll probably post those tomorrow.

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