Thursday, July 2, 2009

Las Vegas, NV

We are finally here!! It is so beautiful here! I forgot how much I love this place. Our drive last night was long and tedious, but we got to see some beautiful places that we might otherwise have never gotten to see, like Lake Tahoe. I got the sweetest pic of the lake, but my blackberry was connected to the laptop at the time and so it wouldn't save for some weird reason and then we passed it. BOO!

We had told the girls that we would try and stop for dinner around 6:30 and at about 6:20 we passed a sign that said the next bk was in 115 miles. o_O An hour later at 7:20 we passed through this tiny 1/4 mile strip of a town in CA called Mina and the only place to eat was a topless bar. Asia said she needed to go potty, so we stopped at the gas station/minute mart. We walked in the door and the gal behind the counter was talking to this guy that I thought looked homeless. She said "Oh sorry, we're closed." I was like "Oh, well can she just use your bathroom real quick?" She said "Sorry no, you could try Jake's (or whatever it was called)". I looked to where she was pointing and started to go there until I realized that it was the topless bar. UGH! I can't take a child in there. WTHk?! Why couldn't she just let us use hers?

FINALLY, around 8:30 we found a McDonald's (BARF) in Tonopah, NV. We were all starving.

As we got closer to Vegas, we could see the "glow". I forgot how much I miss that drive down I-15 into the city. It's breathtaking. When we came into view of the city lights just minutes before midnight, my heart skipped a beat.

We got here to Jackie's just before 1:00. HOLY GEEZ! She lives in a flippin' mansion!! Their house is so beautiful!

This morning at 7:30, I woke to the sound of 7 little girls all talking a mile a minute. Audrey (7), Kirsten (5), and Ava (3) plus my 4 were all in the living room giggling and chatting. It was so cute.....though I wish I were still sleeping.

We went to Paula's early this morning to say hi to everyone. They recently remodeled their house and it is absolutely AMAZING! I love love love her new banister. She also had her entire kitchen re-done. It's beautiful! They really did a great job with it.

We've just been hanging out and soaking up some much missed sun. Ewa Beach always reminded me a lot of Vegas and now Vegas is doing the same for Ewa. I am missing HI a lot.

Tonight we are going to the N. Las Vegas city fireworks display. The kids are so excited to see the fireworks!!

This morning we went with Jackie's girls to a neighbors
house for swimming lessons. The gal that teaches is in their
ward, so she didn't mind that my girls were playing in the water
during the lesson.
Tatum, Ava, Kirsten, Asia, Brinlee

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