Thursday, July 9, 2009


Today, we set out on our journey again. This time it was a familiar path that we've traveled lots of times! I forgot how much I missed those mountains. We had such a fabulous time in Vegas. I could probably be happy living there, but Will says "NOT a chance! Too HOT!"

We stopped in Cedar City to visit Will's Aunt Rhea and Uncle Sterling (Church's). We visited with them for about an hour or so, but then the kids were hungry and restless, so we decided to grab something for lunch, since it was lunch time. We stopped at the Walmart to get some bread. I had brought PB and Jam with us on the trip, so we stopped off in a nearby neighborhood and had sandwiches.

As we headed north, the girls watched some movies and slept and I enjoyed the scenery. I still can't believe that the posted speed limit between Cedar and Provo is 80 mph! That's CRAZY!

As we entered Utah Valley, I couldn't get a hold of our friends, the Sautter's who we were supposed to hang with for a night or 2. So I left them a message and we hit BYU. We walked through the Wilkinson Center and Will told them how he went to school there. The girls were awe inspired! LOL

We walked through the bookstore and each of the girls spent some of their own money that they got to bring. Mariah got some pom-poms and Brinlee (painstakingly) chose a cute little pink notebook with the gold foil BYU logo on it and a pen. The little girls got these hair tie pom-pom things.

Then we went to the BYU Creamery on 9th. The girls had corndogs and Will had a burger and then we all had ice cream. Our favorite part (besides the ice cream) was the Red Creme Soda ON TAP!!!

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When did you go to Utah?