Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Lincoln City

It's been SO HOT these past few days. It was about 108* in Woodburn today, but luckily we went to Lincoln City and oddly, it was cloudy and chilly there.

We went to the outlet mall, where Tatum got lost. She didn't keep up and there were so many kids, that it was easy to loose track. A lady was standing by the restrooms with her (that's where she got left) and was about to call for help when Grandpa spotted her. We also went to Depoe Bay and looked in shops and got salt water taffy and played on the beach at D Sands. I didn't stay to play on the beach, I went home with a car that wasn't staying. Roxelle was a little fussy and I wanted to get her cleaned up and fed.

The mall

Depot Bay and baby Cashel "low riding". LOL! (poor baby!)

We also stopped for lunch at BK

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