Sunday, July 5, 2009


We got up SUPER early and got ready for church. We went to Sacrament Meeting at Butch and Paula's ward (Butch is Bishop right now). After that, we went straight over to Mike and Jackie's bldg for their Sacrament meeting.
Our friends from Vancouver (from when we lived there before), the Nordstrom's, now live in Mike and Jackie's ward in Vegas. SO RANDOM! It was so much fun to see them and visit. Their kids have gotten so big. I didn't even recognize 13 year old Christian as he passed us the sacrament. He is SO TALL.
The kids went to primary with their cousins and we went to our other meetings. I went to YW with Jackie and that was really fun to listen to another person teach. I got some pretty good ideas!
We had Sunday dinner at Butch and Paula's. They leave tonight to go on their annual trip to HI (dirty dogs!! I am SO jealous). We're sad that our trips overlapped, but it was such a fantastic time getting to see them.
We have already mentioned a few times to each other that we'd like to do this again next year if we can. We are having so much fun! The kids are getting along with each other so well. It almost does make me *think* about wanting to move down here. Will says NO WAY. It's TOO HOT!! It's true, it is. We are N'Westerners, for sure!
Right now we're trying to decide if we should go boating tomorrow. Mike is checking on weather and wind conditions. Hope it works out!!

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