Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Flaming Gorge and Good Bye

Well, it's time to head off into the sunset. Literally. Our last stop this evening was in Sunset,UT! LOL!

We have really had such a fantastic time in all the places that we've been. I am biased, of course, but seeing my Jenny Penny has been the highlight of my trip! I miss her so much!

The girls have been, over all, great travelers! So much so, that we want to do this again next year. We thought that travelling in the car for hours on end in the heat would be too much for anyone to handle, but it's not been bad at all. Even baby Roxelle has done really well.

This morning we had breakfast and the Rouska's took us up Flaming Gorge to have a picnic lunch before we set off. It was GORGEOUS! I wish we could've spent more time there and gone camping. We're gonna try to plan it for next time.

Again, we took so many pictures, that I had a hard time choosing. This slide isn't as long as the last one, though.

After we said good-bye and were driving away, Mariah burst into to tears in the back and sobbed that she didn't want to say bye to Madi. :(
We decided to take a new route from Vernal to Salt Lake Area. Sunset is north of SLC, so we took the roads through Wyoming. It was a really pretty drive. I never thought I'd say that about Wyoming!

It was so much fun to see Uncle Stanley and Aunt Carole Erickson. Stanley is Will's dads eldest brother. He reminds me so much of Ray! They have the same smile. Aunt Carole is the sweetest thing! We arrived in late-afternoon and near dinner time, I told Will that I was going to run to Wendy's and grab the kids dinner. Carole said she wanted to ride with me and then insisted on paying for our food. So sweet!

We really enjoyed our short visit with them. The girls even started to get used to their cute little dogs. They loved throwing balls around their good sized back yard, too.

It's starting to get dark and I'm starting to worry about Will driving all night. He insists that he's fine, but we'll see how it goes. I love having mobile internet through Verizon. We get internet on our laptop where ever our cells phones get service, which is nearly EVERYWHERE!

We're getting ready to stop for gas in Burley, ID and I have tired "screen" eyes. This will all feel like a dream tomorrow when I get to sleep in my own bed again...

As we were saying our "bye's" to the Rouska's, Jen and I were talking about a photo that we had taken together at a picnic in Provo Canyon when the girls were about 2 months old (April 2000). We decided to reinact that moment. LOL!!

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