Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Strip

We went out to eat with just Mike and Jackie at On the Border and then decided to take the all 10 kids to the strip. It was already late, but we wanted to go at night so they could really experience it.
On the way there in the car, I was so full from dinner that when I sneezed and burped at the same time, I threw up on the dashboard a little. EWWW!! TMI, I know. LOL!!!
The strip was crazy, as usual. And navigating with all those little kids was interesting, but we made it and they LOVED it!
We parked near the Bellagio so they could see the water fountain show. They were thrilled! We also got some pictures of this indoor art display they had going on.

Haylee babysat while we went out for dinner and curled all the little girls' hair for us. So cute!