Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sandrailing and 4 wheeling at Apex

We hooked up with one of Mike's buddies, Trevor, and went to Apex to use the sandrails and all the 4 wheelers.
When we first got there, we parked in this dirt lot and there were huge red ants EVERYWHERE! I got in the sandrail with Jackie and something started burning my thigh (I had long jeans on). I tried to rub at it, but then it started to spread. I jumped out of the sandrail and and un-buttoned my pants and reached down my leg, just as something brushed my fingers. I pinched it and threw it out. There was a HUGE ant up my pants on the front part of my right thigh and my skin was burning! It didn't stop itching for a long while and when we got home, I had about 5 or 6 red welts on my leg.
At the dunes, I rode in the sandrail with Mike first and I thought we were going to die! He is CRAZY! It was so much fun, though.
After that we traded up and Jackie and I took the 4 wheelers out by ourselves. We had been out for about 1/2 hour and were kind of going in a little bit of a circle, lost, but then we saw the guys on sandrails a couple of dunes over, so we headed in that direction. I was just about to come over a blind ridge and didn't realize that it was a straight drop (about 6 or 8 feet maybe??) on the other side before it was too late. I got flung forward face first and the 4 wheeler took a nose dive right behind me and then fell on my back, upside down. I could see Trevor racing toward me in his sandrail and could hear Jackie on my tail. I didn't want them to think I was hurt, so I threw the 4 wheeler off me and stood up in one motion. Luckily, I had a good helmet and didn't feel hurt. I could tell I bumped my knee on a rock or something hard, but I didn't have any scrapes or anything. They rushed over to me and I said I was fine, and by then Mike was there. He and Trevor turned his quad back over and asked how I got it off me. Must have been the adrenaline?! I was shaking so bad after that...I wasn't "hurt", but I was so shaken up! I feel really lucky to have not been hurt more.

These pics were taken after we got back to the trucks.
The "mountains" in the back drop is where we were riding.