Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sacramento, CA; Beale AFB

We left Megan's a little while ago. We intended to leave earlier, but we were so tired from last night. We didn't arrive to her house until about 2 am. We crashed and slept till about 8.

It was so much fun to see Adam, Megan, and their girls, Adalyn and Ellie. I am so glad that we made it down here to visit them on base. This is a really interesting set up. Their base is out in the middle of the desert with nothing for about 45 minutes (I think) in any direction. They fed us lunch and then gave a little tour of their base, which is pretty big and then we hit the road.

We were hoping to get into to Vegas a little earlier in the evening, but it looks like a late night for us again.

This is their back yard.
Brinlee, Adalyn, Ellie, Mariah, Tatum and Asia
I'm not sure why this is the only picture I took. LOL
Probably just too exhausted to think.

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