Friday, July 10, 2009

Good Friends, Family and Maggie Moo's

We ended up staying with my cousin, Mac Jones, in Pleasant Grove since we couldn't get a hold of the Sautters. His wife is in France on business and their daughter, Vienna, is staying with her grandma while Mac works. His apartment is really nice! We are so thankful to him for letting our crew crash his place. Sleeping in the van wasn't sounding very nice! LOL
We visited my Grandma Woolsey in American Fork today. I don't think she really remembered who I was at first. She is getting old and repeats herself a lot, but it was really great to see her and the kids LOVED all the treats she has stashed everywhere (even though they were stale, as usual!! LOL).
Then we met up with our friends, the Bradley's from our old Suncrest 2nd Ward. We had a picnic with them at Orem Rec Center park. The kids had a lot of fun playing together! They have a girl, Madison (9) and 2 boys, Ethan (7) and Aiden (4). I'm sad that I didn't get any pictures.. BOO!
After we left the park, we met up with my other cousin's (Mac's siblings), Andi, Holly, and Phillip and their families. (Rachel, his sister, lives in FL) We met up at one of my favorite places in UT...Maggie Moo's ice cream. It is set up very similar to Cold Stone, but the flavors are just richer! MMMmmmmmmm!

Their mouths match the walls!
Aunt Mary, Ryan Price, Holly Williams (holding Kenna Price, Mary's daughter with back to camera in pony tail), Caden Price, Cohen Price (Brynley Williams behind Cohen), Mac Jones, Andi Jones-Price, Phillip Jones and his new wife (Laura, I think). And Asia jumping into the shot.

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