Thursday, July 2, 2009


UGH! We got home MUCH later than expected (it's about 10:30), but the fireworks display was definately worth the wait. It was AMAZING!

Here's a few pics and then I have to go to bed before I can't open my eyes anymore.

Brinlee, Asia, Kirsten, Mariah, Haylee, Alexa, and Audrey

Tatum, Asia and Evan

Jackie (yellow shirt, glasses), Evan, Haylee
Audrey, Alexa, Mariah, Kirsten and Asia

They had a bunch of local businesses
and the city offices set up booths with
freebies. One booth gave out these popsicles
for free. It was stinkin' HOT out there and no
shade anywhere. Still a ton of fun and it didn't matter
once it got dark. :)

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