Sunday, November 25, 2007

a quickie

Friday, September 14, 2007

a quickie
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We don't use our air conditioning very much. We usually wait until about 11 am or until we are absolutely suffocating in our house to turn on the a/c. We were told about a month ago that by doing this the unit actually uses more energy to cool the house down from such a high temp than if we just kept it at a constant temp all the time.

So we set it at our normal temp of 80 degrees and left it on 24/7. Well I got our electric bill last week and the bill went up almost $75. Which doesn't seem like a lot, but when you are already paying around $200 a's a lot! Anyway, so to try and recoup some of that money we aren't using the a/c at all and we are not running the dishwasher (which was being run AT LEAST once a day) either.

I would say that in the 3 full summers that we have lived here, August, Sept and October have proved to be some of the hottest months of the year. BOO!!!!

I am not that mad. I know it was a dumb thing not to think the whole thing through before turning on the a/c 24/7, but I was talking to several of our neighbors and they keep their air at around 73-77 degrees and their bills didn't seem that much higher than mine??? So I figured if we kept ours around 80, then we should be fine! Oh well...I guess I'll just sweat off that last 10 lbs I've been trying to lose!!! ha ha ha

So since it has been so hot in our house, every time we turn on the computer, the fan in the tower starts to race like the whole thing is gonna blow up, so that is why I haven't been on the computer lately. This is just a quickie to say I am still alive. =D

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