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(originally posted): SEPTEMBER 25, 2007
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Two weeks ago today (on Tue, Sept. 11), I went to Wal-Mart to pick up the material and supplies that I would need to get started on making the girls Halloween costumes. I had decided to undertake the task of making their costumes this year and knew that with my lacking knowledge and skills in sewing, that I would need to get a head start. Along with the fabric and thread, I picked up the accessories, too, which included a can of orange color hair spray.

That night I was being goofy and trying to make the kids laugh, so I shook up the can of orange spray and said "Hey girls look!" (and sprayed a fine mist on the the top of poor tiny Tatum's head). HA HA HA!! We all laughed and the girls got a kick out of it. Well....ha ha ha.... Yeah, it will not come out. I took some pictures of her today and it is still as orange as orange can be. I have literally washed her hair day and night since then and it has hardly even lightened if at all. The last 2 Sundays at church and other places, I have had more people come up to me and say "Gosh, I never noticed how strawberry blonde her hair is!" (How embarrasing!!) Then of course I have to take 5 minutes to explain it...

The other thing that I was noticing is that Tatum still has only cut the one tooth on top. That other one has been on the verge for at least 3 weeks now. Today is exactly one month since she cut the first one and still no others. We have been calling her the "one tooth wonder". She looks so silly with her one white tooth sticking out in front. A true jack-o-lantern, just in time for Halloween! Little pumpkin head!

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