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(originally posted): Monday, September 10, 2007

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Yesterday I taught my first class in Relief Society. I was released from my calling in Young Womens a couple of weeks ago. They called me teach the 2nd Sunday lesson in Relief Society now.

So the first topic that I was asked to speak on was The Law of Chastity. I was very nervous to take on such a big subject on my first time, but it went off ok. There was a lot more class participation than I could have hoped for. It was great!

The interesting thing is that the sub-topic that got the most response was about pornography. I was talking about how society's definition of pornography has changed over the years, but that the church's stance on it remains steady and constant. The dictionary definition of pornography (from is this:

obscene writings, drawings, photographs, or the like, esp. those having little or no artistic merit

It seems that we have become so desensitized to seeing such obsenities everywhere that it just doesn't have the same shock value that it did when we first saw it.

Having children that are out there in this society now has really brought the seriousness of it to the forefront. Mariah and Brinlee are very vulnerable and all I can do is teach them at home and hope they will make their own good choices. I trust them, I have no reason not too. It's everyone else's kids that I don't trust (no offense). Being a parent is so rewarding, yet so stressful!!! (on so many levels).

On another subject, Will started his new semester last week and is loving it so far. He is doing his peds/O.B. rotation this semester. He is doing peds at Kapiolani Women and Childrens hospital right now. Next month he will do his OB/Gyn rotation at Queen's Hospital (where I delivered Tatum). He was in some surgery on a 4 month old baby today. He called me at lunch to tell me all about it. He is so a kid in a candy store. He loves that kind of stuff!

The kids are out of school again today for a teacher work day so we are just cruisin at home. Might go to the pool later. It's been hot and the kids are getting cabin fever!

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