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(originally posted): Thursday, October 11, 2007

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Asia's bday came and went. She had so much fun! That was all I cared about. All she wanted was a party and party to her is cake and balloons and friends. So several friends from church came and we had mini ice cream cone cup-cakes. They were a hit. I was going to blow up the balloons and hang them around the pool area, but I knew the kids would just want to play with them anyway, so I put a little water in them before blowing them up and then just tossed them all on the pool. The water inside weighed them down just enough to keep them from blowing away with the trade winds. They LOVED it!

My friend in the ward, Shelley Detton, came with her brand new little baby girl (Hazel Fern) and their other 2 kids Eliza and Hyrum. Her sister is in town from OR and it just so happens that her sister, Trisha (Mendenhall) and I went to stake dances and girls camp and such together when we were younger. (I had never met Shelley till we moved here and didn't realize that Trish was her sister until I was at her house and saw a family picture ~ CRAZY!) It was good to see her. She has visited once before (while I was pregnant with Tatum), but we didn't really get to chat. So yesterday, she and I went to the beach together. She has 2 darling little girls named Riley and Ruby and then I took Asia while Will stayed home with Tatum. It was so fun!! We caught up on old times and she mentioned names that I had not heard in YEARS! It was such a trip! It was really nice to get out of the house and go to the beach and with only 1 kid. I didn't have to LUG a bunch of stuff. It was weird! I kept feeling like I was forgetting something. ha ha ha

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I just got back from working out with May Wheeler at the Iroquois Point gym. It was great! I need a shower LOL........

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