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I have the BEST hubby!!!! I just got back from the best anniversary present EVER!! Here's the story:

On Sunday, the 24th, our friends (Jason and Jeanette Johns), came up to me at church and were like "We have a big surprise for you! So after church, go home and change into something comfy and we are going to come and pick you guys up and take you to our house". (I had totally forgotten it was our anniversary this week)

So after church, we came home and changed clothes and noticed a couple of things were out of place. Then I noticed that Tatum's pack n play (that she normally sleeps in) was missing. Then I remembered "Oh ya! It's our anniversary this week....DUH!!" So I played along pretending not to notice anything missing. They came to pick us up and Jason started to drive. I was thinking that Will must have planned a night at one of the places we had talked about staying since we moved here. So anyway, we got on the freeway headed for Waikiki and I was like "Where the heck are we going?" Jeanette was like just hush up and stop asking questions. Then Jason took the airport exit and I was like "OK WHERE are we GOING?!!!" They all started laughing and I was like "Well, do I at least get to take my baby?? hee hee hee. Jeanette was like NOPE! She and all the others are staying with us. I was so sad for a second...I had never left Tatum for more than a couple hours, let alone over night....or 2 nights!!!

So cut to the airplane ride...We ended up on Kaua'i!!!!! I was SO surprised! Will has NEVER NEVER been able to surprise me. He's not very sneaky and I can usually tell when he is up to something, but I had NO IDEA!!

We stayed at the Hilton Kaua'i Beach Resort. It was right on the beach and we had a nice lagoon view. He treated me like a QUEEN! I felt so.....i don't know...happy, special, relaxed...everything!!!

We got to drive around the entire island and see some of the famous landmarks like Waimea Canyon and the Spouting Horn. We ate at this very romantic restaurant last night and the food was AWESOME! (called Keoki's and we HIGHLY recommend it) It was all open air and surrounded by lush greenery and waterfalls and torches. Our table was tucked into a corner by the railing and we could see and hear the water falling just a few feet away. It was PERFECT! Then we drove to the north shore this morning and saw the Kilauea Light house and drove through Princeville and Hanalei. It was BEAUTIFUL!

When we arrived home, the kids were jumping out of their skin to be the first to give hugs. Tatum was asleep in the car, but when we got home and she saw me, she clung to Jeanette like she was scared or something. She wouldn't come to me for a couple minutes, but then I just took her and she was cuddling me and kept pushing back to look at my face, like she was making sure it was really mommy! LOL

While Will and I were making dinner tonight, the kids were fighting and teasing and playing in the living room. We just looked at each other and said, WELL, back to real life! he he he We also both said that we feel so lucky! We have a nice air conditioned place to live and a car to get us places that we need to go and a relatively healthy family. We feel very blessed!!

I will post some pics of the trip in the next couple of days. I will also post more details along with the pictures. ;)

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