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(originally posted): Tuesday, September 04, 2007

my journal
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Ok, so here goes....

Tatum celebrated her 1st birthday somewhat Hawaiian style on 8/24. We had a get together at our pool and there were about 50-ish people there. She totally dug into the cake. It was so much fun to watch her go to town on it. (I have a birthday bash slide in progress).

Now that she is one, we finally turned her car seat around. She weighed in at her dr. appt last Fri (8/31) at 20 lbs. 3 oz. JUST ENOUGH! PHEW! (For those of you that don't know. Babies have to be 1 year old AND 20 lbs before you can turn their car seat around) I am always so happy when they can see the world from the forward facing view. And I can see them better for that matter.

She is getting so much more talkative lately. These are the words that she can say so far. Mama, Dada, Hi, Wiah (Mariah), baw (ball), dah-ee (doggie), buh-buh (bye-bye), nah nah (night, night), uff-uff (ruff-ruff), daychoo (thank you), ba-ba (bottle or cup), uh oooo (uh-oh), hmM (huh?), wha (what?), boO bOo (peek-a-boo). She has attempted to say baby, but it comes out all screwy still. HA HA HA! I guess only a mom can understand the baby's first words. LOL

Also, when you ask her "How old are you?", Her tiny little index finger pops up and she grins. She plays the typical patty cake and peek a boo. But the cutest thing she does and I LOVE IT...she hums in tune to the radio or tv. I was shocked the first time I heard it. The kids were listening to Backyardigans and she went into this funny little baby kind of falsetto voice. It was so funny! I busted up laughing and then kept playing it over and over so that she would keep doing it! She also loves to dance.

She can walk and has taken several steps, but she is seriously the biggest scaredy cat! When I put her in the walking wings, she is practically walking laps around the sidewalk all by herself. She doesn't even realize that I have let all the slack out on the wings and she is just going. But once she realizes that no one is helping her, she sits straight down. Little scaredy baby!

So she finally cut her first tooth on Sunday morning. It is the top right front tooth and the left one is so close to coming through. I thought it was unusual for babies to cut the top teeth first, but I was looking back at my other girls and how old they were and I noticed that Brinlee also cut her top teeth first. So I guess it's not that unusual. LOL! She has been pretty fussy though and had a terrible runny nose. She woke up last Thursday with big green goobers in her eyes. So I took her to the dr (the girls just started with a new pediatrician in Kapolei called Dr. Naro Torres and he is SO AWESOME!!!) and he said that she has fluid and infection in her right ear and that her left ear had such a big hard chunk of wax (HELLO?! That's what I have been trying to tell her old dr...DUH!) that he couldn't see her ear drum. So he gave us antibiotics for her ear infection and drops for her goober-y eyes and wax-y ear. So she is finally getting better. Poor baby!

Well, Mariah is 7 and in 2nd grade. Her teacher is Miss Maloney and she really likes her. She was so happy to find out that one of her best friends from church, Trinity Wheeler, is also in her class from She loves to read Junie B. Jones books and if she's not on the computer, you can usually find her face in a book. She is a good helper after being prodded for a minute. She tries to be a good example for her sisters, but sometimes needs a gentle reminder. *eye-rolling* She is definitely a little drama Queen in her own right!

Brinlee is 5 and in Kindergarten. She has been waiting for SO LONG to go to school! She bounces out of bed excitedly every morning and gets ready for school. She loves her teacher Ms. Uytingco (pronounced (you-tink-oh) and I love her too. She has been so good for Brinlee. I was so worried that she wouldn't get a teacher that engages her. But no more worries. Ms U. is FAB! Brinlee loves to sing and both she and Mariah are taking hula lessons. It is hilarious to watch them try and dance Tahitian style!! They try so hard to shake those little hips! LOL

Asia is almost 3 (in Oct). She is just so full of...well...everything! She is miss drama Queen, local kine, full out ornery BUCKY! LOL (when she was 2 months old we were getting ready to go somewhere and I had just gotten dressed. When I picked her up she spit up all down my back. I gasped and went to call her a Turkey Butt, but it came out Bucky Turk and the name stuck...she's our one and only BUCKY! LOL) She loves to "help" with Tatum, but is sometimes too much help. She is learning to take herself potty now that she is tall enough to reach the potty. And that is a little interesting for a germ-phobe such as me. I have learned to let it go and realize that hands and bodies can be washed and I just keep the Purell handy!!!

Well, the girls are now reeking havoc on the house and are in need of their night bath. I will write more later.

p.s. This is so fun! I never realized how theraputic it can be to write (or type) stuff down.

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