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(originally posted): Sunday, November 25, 2007

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I keep meaning to sit down and post a new blog, especially when one of the kids says or does something funny that I want to remember later on down the road. I think it would have been really fun to read a journal that one of my parents kept that talked about cute or funny stuff that I did as kid/baby. Especially now that I am a parent, I could have compared the similarities and differences between myself and my kids.
Tatum hasn't been feeling well for the last several days. It started when she was caught carrying one of Asia's milk cups around that still had milk inside. I don't know if she actually drank any, but that same day we had company over and we popped popcorn and she got some when the bowl was left down. So I don't know if it was the butter on the popcorn or if she actually drank Asia's milk, but nevertheless, she has been wheezing and coughing up a storm since then. We have been giving her treatments on the nebulizer, which helps, but she is miserable. She hasn't been eating well at all either. Plus, on top of that, I think she is teething. About 3 weeks ago, she finally cut the 4th tooth in the front, and then last week, I noticed one of her molars (the top right one) poking through! (???) She barely had 3.5 teeth in the front and already cut a molar?! That's a first for my kids. They are all really slow to get teeth, but never a molar this early.
A couple of nights ago, Tatum was sitting in her high chair, picking at her food and she belched the loudest man-belch, I've ever heard from such a little thing. Then she just sat there staring blankly at us for a few seconds like "What was that?!" We all started BUSTING up and she looked up and pointed out the window like, that came from outside, not from me! The girls were in stitches! They thought that was hilarious!
Asia is starting to communicate like a little girl now instead of a toddler and she says the funniest stuff! She got the movie "The Little Rascals" for her birthday in October and so now she goes around saying to everyone "You little Wascals" and "You DOINK!" Her favorite movies right now (besides Little Rascals) are "Snow White" (her favorite princess), "Anastasia", and "Barbie in the Nutcracker". She watches them every single day. She also loves to get into the play makeup. She always goes for the lipstick first and will sit forever just rubbing it around and around and around her lips (she does this with chapstick too). FUNNY GIRL!
We suspect that Brinlee has her first crush. She won't admit it, but she talks an awful lot about this boy in her Kindergarten class, Ammon Olayan. He is also in her class at church. Two nights ago, she was begging to have a sleepover with one of her friends, but all of them were busy with one thing or another. So she was desperately trying to think of other friends and then she asked if Ammon could have a sleepover (in all innocence, of course). I had to explain to her that it is not appropriate for her to have a boy for a sleepover, she could not understand why, but I assured her that someday she would understand. OH BOY! It's staring already!!! *sigh* (I remember having a crush on Tyler Doman pretty much since we had pre-school with his mom at their house when we were 4. I chased that poor boy until we were in 6th grade!!!)
A lot of Mariah's friends are getting baptized lately. We have one this afternoon for Liana Kai. We drove to La'ie last Sunday for Abby Shumway's one. Mariah is very anxious about her own and already wants to decide on the program and such. She is still deciding whether or not she wants to get baptized at Temple Beach or at the church building. She turns 8 in February, but we are waiting until Will graduates in May to baptize her since most of the family is coming from the mainland then and can be here for both. Her 2 closest friends at school (and church) both just moved over this past week (Trinity Wheeler and London Price). She hasn't been back to school since they both left. It's going to be a little shock for her.
I am busy sewing, sewing, sewing right now. I made the mistake of telling someone at the girls' Hula Studio that I made the girls Halloween costumes. So I got roped into helping sew performance costumes for Hula. *SIGH*!!! I am also making the girls pa'u (Hawaiian skirts) for our Christmas pictures this year. I hope I can get everything done in time.
Will got called into the bishopric 3 weeks ago. It's not entirely what you think…he is the executive secretary, but right now is starting tithing settlement time and so he has been extra busy trying to balance that and study for finals. Only one more semester to go!!!!!! He graduates May 13. The girls finish their school year on June 5, so we will be flying home on the 6th. YAY!!!!

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