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(originally posted): Monday, October 22, 2007

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Well, Tatum finally got another tooth, so she has 3 now **WOOT!** ha ha ha LOL. Yeah, she'll get 'um soon enough. Her hair is still orange. Looks like she is a perma strawberry blonde till it grows out. Poor girl.

Asia is still loving her hula classes. She is pretty bored during the day while the girls are in school, but I try to find things to keep us busy together. She like to help me around the house too. She is a particular little thing. Every last thing is sorted by color and she gets very upset if the colors are interrupted!

Brinlee loves her class so much. She spends about 2 hours after school recounting just about everthing that Ms. Uytingco (pronounced like YOU-TINK-CO) says. She is so very literal with everything. Like the other week, the teacher sent home a PE reminder and suggested that the children wear shorts and tennis shoes rather than a skirt or dress. Brinlee insisted that she had to wear shorts. I could not convince her that some YOGA capris or sweat capris would be fine. So I had to dig around in Mariahs clothes and in the laundry to find shorts! UGH!

Mariah loves her teacher, Ms. Maloney, as well. She moved here from Brooklyn, NY this past summer. She gave the kids a very interesting insight into the 9/11 attacks as she was only blocks from ground zero when it happened. She was able to explain it to the kids in a way that no one else could. She had a couple of friends that were in the tower and a cousin. All made it out, but one friend. Mariah seemed really touched by her account of the event.

I have been exhausted these past few days. I have no idea why. I think I am just stressed with getting my house cleaned and in order for our company. My mom and dad are coming this Friday. I CAN'T WAIT!! Adam and Megan (and Adalyn and Ellie) are trying to catch a "space saver" flight from Travis AFB to Hickam this Sat. We are crossing all fingers and toes that they will be able to get a flight. It's going to be so much fun! They will be here for Halloween, so they will get to see what it's like to trick or treat island style!! LOL

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